• 1Mansfield Park , Jane Austen (2009)
    "Me! cried Fanny... Indeed you must excuse me. I could not act any thing if you were to give me the world. No, indeed, I cannot act" . At the age of ten, Fanny Price leaves the poverty of her… 370 руб

  • 2Tales Of Three Hemispheres , Lord Dunsany (1920)
    And the sword, and behold it was even war. And the man went forth with his remembered the little things that he knew, and thought of the quiet daysthat there used to be, and at night on the hard… 1241 руб

  • 3Handbook of Public Economics. Volume 4 (2002)
    The publication of volumes 3 and 4 of the "Handbook of Public Economics" affords us several opportunities: to address lacunae in the original two volumes of this series, to revisit topics on which… 15392 руб

  • 4Payback. Why We Retaliate, Redirect Aggression, and Take Revenge , David P. Barash (2011)
    From the child taunted by her playmates to the office worker who feels stifled in his daily routine, people frequently take out their pain and anger on others, even those who had nothing to do with… 1872 руб

  • 5Jingwei Tries to Fill Up the Sea , Wang Yaxi (2016)
    You may have seen a bird holding branches in its beak in order to build its nest, but have you ever seen a bird picking up pebbles to throw into a vast expanse of water? There was indeed such a bird… 288 руб

  • 6Does the Richness of the Few Benefit Us All? , Zygmunt Bauman
    It is commonly assumed that the best way to help the poor out of their misery is to allow the rich to get richer, that if the rich pay less taxes then all the rest of us will be better off, and that… 5069.18 руб электронная книга

  • 7Collected Nonfiction. Volume 2 , Twain Mark (2016)
    Twain's playful exuberance and remarkable storytelling gifts are on full display as he regales readers with his real-life adventures, some of them so outrageous they cannot be true - or can they? As… 1356 руб

  • 8The Roots Of Romanticism , Berlin Isaiah (2000)
    The Roots of Romanticism at last makes available in printed form Isaiah Berlin's most famous lecture series, the Mellon Lectures, delivered in Washington in 1965, recorded by the BBC, and broadcast… 1463 руб

  • 9Ceramic Membranes. New Opportunities and Practical Applications , Gadi Rothenberg
    This textbook gives a clear and coherent overview of ceramic membranes, from preparation methods all the way to applications and economics. The authors, who are known for their clear writing style… 6632.27 руб электронная книга

  • 10NMR Crystallography , Melinda Duer J.
    The content of this volume has been added to eMagRes (formerly Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance)– the ultimate online resource for NMR and MRI. The term «NMR Crystallography» has only recently… 14748.07 руб электронная книга